The most normal thing when we are faced with a job dismissal is to feel overwhelmed and not know what our rights are or the possible ways to claim it. We will solve the main doubts and what we can do in case of dismissal.

As a company, when it is decided to dispense with the services of a worker, a letter of dismissal must be prepared and delivered. The worker must communicate his agreement or disagreement with said dismissal letter together with his signature and the date. In case of refusing to receive it, the company must record its refusal to receive it together with two witnesses.

It is advisable in these cases to accept the letter, always expressing our disagreement. In case of receiving a settlement or an agreement to terminate the contract in which it is argued “the worker accepts ..”, it will be better not to sign it and ask for it to be sent to be able to consider the options we have and if it is really convenient to sign it.

Within a period of 20 business days, the dismissal may be challenged. Before starting with the corresponding claims, we must present a conciliation ballot to the corresponding administrative service.

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