Unlike the last century or even the beginning of this same, where the most common thing was to get married, today many people decide to register as a common-law couple.


In the last data registered in 2019, it registered 1.78 million common-law couples and 9.56 million marriages, a figure that will continue to increase progressively over the years. Therefore, it is important to know our rights, especially, if it is the case, once our partner has died.


Requirements to apply for the widow’s pension
As established by the General Social Security Law, common-law couples may apply for a widow’s pension, provided that a series of requirements are met:

– The couple must have been registered in the Register of De facto unions.
– Said registry must verify that it has been carried out at least two years before his death.
– A coexistence of at least 5 years must be accredited before death.
– The deceased may not be married to another person at the time of death.
In addition, we must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the widow’s pension:

– Do not exceed 50% of what was received from the couple in the years of relationship.
– Prove that the deceased reached the minimum listed.
You will also be eligible for the widow’s pension for the couple’s children under 22 years of age.

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